Events happen in life and can affect your coverage. Make sure you know when you lose your coverage and what steps to take to make sure you can keep it.

Losing Coverage

Your insurance ends on the earliest of the following dates:

  • The last day of the month that you quit employment with your state or local government employer.
  • 30 days after the date a leave of absence ends.
  • The last day of the calendar month that you filed a cancellation of insurance with your employer.
  • The date your premiums are paid if you do not pay within 30 days of the due date while on unpaid leave.
  • The date your premiums are paid for continuing coverage.
  • Your 70th birthday for the Supplemental and Spouse and Dependent Plans.
  • The date of termination of the group policy by your employer.

Continuing Coverage

When you quit working, you may continue your life insurance based on a few factors:

Continuing After Ending Employment

Your WRS coverage began before January 1, 1990, or had plan coverage for 5 years beginning January 1, 1990; and you qualify under one of the following reasons:

  • You have 20 years of service with your last employer
  • WRS creditable service (on January 1, 1990) + life insurance coverage (after 1989) = 20 years
  • You are receiving a WRS payment*

*If you do not begin receiving a WRS payment, you must file a Continuation Notice (ET-2154) with ETF within 31 days of the date you lose coverage.

Continuing After Retirement

Certain types and amounts of coverage are lost, depending on your age.

  • Before Age 65
    • The amount of coverage will be the same as prior to retirement
    • Premiums are calculated the same way as before and are deducted from your retirement payment or you will be billed directly by Securian Financial
    • You lose Spouse & Dependent coverage at the end of the month that employment ends
  • At age 65 or later
    • Your basic coverage will continue at a reduced amount for life, without cost to you
    • You lose any added coverage at the end of the month that you retire, or turn age 70, whichever is earlier

Continuing Coverage Table

Age Percent of Basic Coverage
Before age 65 100%
While age 65 75%
While age 66 and after (state) 50%
While age 67 and after (local) 25%

Converting your Coverage

You may convert your coverage to an individual policy if you lose coverage when you quit or your leave of absence expired, and are not eligible to continue coverage. You must have been insured for the entire 6 months before losing coverage. You can convert your coverage if you do the following:

  1. Apply for individual coverage that is less than or equal to the amount of group insurance coverage you had.
  2. Apply for the individual policy on a form offered by Securian Financial and pay the first premium with 31 days of losing coverage.

Disability Waiver

If you become totally disabled before turning age 70, this benefit lets you continue coverage without paying any more premiums. Contact your employer for more information and to get a Request for Disability Premium Waiver (ET-5306) form.

Leave of Absence

You may continue your coverage during an approved leave of absence by paying premiums to your employer in advance. Otherwise, coverage will end, and you can only reapply for coverage if and when you return to work.

When You Can Cancel Coverage

You may cancel your coverage at any time by submitting a Life Insurance Application/Cancellation/Refusal form (ET-2304) to your employer. Coverage will cease at the end of the month in which your employer receives your application to cancel. You may cancel one plan and keep the others, but if you cancel your Basic coverage, all other coverages are automatically canceled.