The court may order ETF to give your ex up to 50% of your WRS benefits (WRS account or annuity ). This court order is called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).

Important Points for Everyone to Know

  • We divide your account on the first of the month that you are divorced. For example, if your divorce is granted on March 20, your account is divided as of March 1 .
  • Turn your QDRO in to ETF as soon as possible to avoid back payments.
  • Know who your WRS beneficiaries are. You may or may not want your ex as your beneficiary . You can call us to ask who they are or file a new form to set them the way you want.
  • Fill out the Beneficiary Designation (ET-2320) form or Beneficiary Designation—Alternate (ET-2321) form to make sure you have the correct beneficiary chosen.

How it Affects Members Who are Not Retired

The order divides your current retirement account and years of service at the time of your divorce. Your ex cannot touch any other money you put into the account or years of service you earn after the divorce.

  • A separate benefit account is created for your ex. The benefit they get is different if you are at minimum retirement age when they apply or if you are vested .
  • They can apply for the full benefit once you reach minimum retirement age and are vested.


  • They will receive a one-time lump-sum payment of the percent awarded from the account if you are not vested or minimum retirement age when they apply.

How it Affects Retired Members

The order divides your monthly payment when you divorce. Your ex receives a separate payment based on the  percentage awarded by the QDRO.

How it Affects Your Life Insurance

If your ex was covered under Spouse coverage, the coverage will automatically end on the date the divorce decree is entered.

Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance!

Members must notify their employer about their divorce to have a spouse removed from their health insurance plans.