This program offers different types of coverage to meet your needs. How much you are covered is based on the number of units of coverage you buy.

1 unit = 

your pay of the prior calendar year rounded up to the next higher $1,000. (For the first year of coverage your employer will estimate your pay.)
Example:  $43,500 pay = $44,000 coverage

On January 1 of each following year, your insurance coverage amount will increase as your pay increases. If your pay decreases, your insurance coverage will not decrease unless you ask for a reduction of insurance in writing.

Basic Plan

  • 1 unit of coverage
  • Coverage will continue in a reduced amount for your lifetime

Supplemental Plan

  • Basic plan plus 1 unit extra coverage
  • Coverage ends at age 65, at age 70 if you are still employed.

Additional Plan

  • Basic plan plus up to 3 more units extra coverage
  • Coverage ends at age 65 if you are retired, or if you are still working at age 70 it ends when you stop employment, cancel coverage, or stop paying premiums (whichever comes first).

Spouse and Dependent Coverage

You may cover your spouse and/or dependents when you enroll in the Basic Plan.

  • Spouse:  means your lawful husband or wife.
  • Dependent:  means your children, including natural children, stepchildren, adopted children, legal wards and children in adoptive placement.
    • Dependents has coverage from live birth to age 26.
    • A dependent who is age 26 or older has coverage if he or she can’t self-support because of a physical or mental disability.

You may apply for one or two units of Spouse and Dependent Life insurance.

1 Unit


Each Dependent Child



2 Units


Each Dependent Child



There is no Accidental Death, Dismemberment or Loss of Use coverage. The amounts of coverage under each unit may be subject to changes made by the Group Insurance Board. Coverage ends when an employee reaches age 70 or retires, whichever occurs first.

Change to an Individual Policy

If coverage ends, your spouse or dependent may change to an individual policy. The application and first premium payment must be received by Securian Financial within 31 days after the coverage ends.

In case the of your death, your spouse and dependent(s) will have 90 days from the date of your death to apply.