Save on a wide variety of everyday medical, dental, vision, daycare, parking, and transit expenses with a pre-tax savings account. It’s a tax break that’s simple to use.

When you enroll, you determine the dollar amount you want to contribute to each account based on your estimated expenses for the upcoming plan year – January 1 to December 31, 2024. The more you contribute to your pre-tax savings accounts, the more you reduce your taxable gross salary. When you pay less in taxes, your take-home pay increases!

Payroll Processing

Your contributions will be deducted in equal amounts from each paycheck, pre-tax, throughout the plan year:

  • Biweekly: 24 pay periods
  • Monthly: 12 pay periods
  • 9-Month: 18 pay periods

Payment Card

If you have a ConnectYourCare payment card, continue to use the card until it expires. Optum Financial will only issue new payment cards for new enrollments, when a card is about to expire, or if a card needs to be replaced. 

Optum Financial Microsite

Visit the Optum Financial microsite to view resources, and access the member portal. Use the member portal or Optum Financial app to manage your account 24/7.

You must reenroll in your pre-tax savings accounts each year. Your enrollments do not carry forward from year to year. If you do not enroll for the 2024 plan year by October 20, 2023, you will not be able to enroll until the next plan year's open enrollment or you experience a qualifying life event.