Use ETF’s Form

The DRO May Be an Original or a Copy

  • It must be signed by a judge or have a court certification stamp.  

Complete All of the Fields

  • Missing information may result in rejection.

Provide Correct Information  

  • Make sure you provided the correct birth dates, Social Security numbers, date of divorce, etc. for both parties.
  • A Social Security number (with name) may be provided on a separate piece of paper.

Split the Account Correctly

  • The alternate payee may receive a maximum of 50.00%.
  • You may use no more than two decimal places (e.g., 28.25%).
  • You must list a percentage, not a dollar amount.
  • Do not use a decimal equivalent like 0.5 instead of 50%.
  • Do not request to divide the account for the period between marriage and divorce dates. Reduce the overall percentage instead.

Do Not Alter the Standard Form

  • Don't cross off or add text.
  • Altered forms may be rejected.

Do Not Submit Draft Orders

  • A draft will be rejected.