If you get divorced, a court order called a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) may award your ex up to 50% of your WRS retirement account.  Because a DRO divides your entire account, it must also divide any credit that you will receive for military service that you served before 1974. 

Once ETF receives a DRO, we determine if it meets all legal demands and then it becomes a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). We send you a form to see if you have any active duty military service before 1974. If you do, you must tell us if you will use it toward WRS military credit or a federal pension. You cannot use it for both.

The form we send you is called a QDRO Military Service Certification and Affidavit (ET-4322). By signing this affidavit, you are confirming  that the information given is true and correct. You must return the form to ETF within 30 days with a copy of your discharge papers. This allows ETF to determine how much WRS military credit you could be eligible for at the time of your divorce so it can be divided correctly.