“Medicare Some” is family coverage with at least one insured family member enrolled in Medicare Parts A, B and D.

Find Your Rate:

Health Plan Medicare

If Health Plan Medicare is selected as the Medicare plan design, the non-Medicare members will have the same health plan, just the non-Medicare version. The rates below include the IYC Health Plan design for non-Medicare members.


Medicare Plus & Medicare Advantage

When you select Medicare Advantage or Medicare Plus to coordinate with your Medicare coverage, you can select a different health plan for your non-Medicare members. The rates below are for the IYC Health Plan design.

Non-Medicare Health Plan

with IYC Medicare Advantage

with Medicare Plus

Aspirus Health Plan $1,380.10 $1,564.84
Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative $1,302.12 $1,486.86
Dean Health Plan $1,067.76 $1,252.50
Dean Health Plan - Prevea360 East $1,080.12 $1,264.86
Dean Health Plan - Prevea360 West and Mayo Clinic Health System $1,205.88 $1,390.62
GHC of Eau Claire Greater Wisconsin $1,076.96 $1,261.70
GHC of Eau Claire River Region $1,337.14 $1,521.88
GHC of South Central Wisconsin $949.52 $1,134.26
HealthPartners Health Plan Southeast $1,397.28 $1,582.02
HealthPartners Health Plan West $1,363.02 $1,547.76
Medical Associates Health Plan $996.00 $1,180.74
MercyCare Health Plan $990.74 $1,175.48
Network Health $1,133.90 $1,318.64
Quartz Central $1,446.36 $1,631.10
Quartz - UW Health $1,032.94 $1,217.68
Quartz West $1,191.00 $1,375.74
Robin with HealthPartners Health
$1,542.78 $1,727.52
Security Health Plan $1,434.92 $1,619.66
State Maintenance Plan (SMP) by
Dean Health Plan 
$1,127.94 $1,312.68
Access Plan by Dean $1,366.32 $1,551.06