As a WRS employee, you can put extra money into your WRS account so you have more income for retirement . These additional contributions earn the same rate of interest as your employee-required contributions . The amount of money that you can contribute each year (for both required and additional contributions) is set by federal tax law. Completing a Maximum Additional Contribution Worksheet (ET-2566) will help you calculate your maximum additional contribution amount.

Please Note:  You may not make additional contributions once you have terminated all WRS-covered employment.

Contribute More

If you have money in the Variable Fund, 50% of your additional contributions will be put in your Variable Fund account.

For more information see the Additional Contributions (ET-2123) brochure. You may also use our WRS Retirement Benefits Calculator to see how additional contributions may affect your retirement benefit and the Annual Returns, Rates and Adjustments page to see actual interest rates and annuity adjustments since 1986.