As a WRS employee, you can put extra money into your WRS account so you have more income for retirement. These additional contributions earn the same rate of interest as your employee-required contributions.

Ways to Contribute

There are 3 ways you can make an additional contribution to your WRS account:

If you participate in the Variable Fund, 50% of your additional contributions will be put in your Variable Fund account. 

Important deadlines: ETF must receive the money via e-payment by 8:00 p.m. CST on December 31 of the calendar year the additional contribution is for. If paying via check or money order, payment must be received by US Bank lockbox on December 31 or be received at ETF by 4:30 p.m. on December 30 of the calendar year the additional contribution is for.

Use the WRS Retirement Benefits Calculator to see how additional contributions may affect your retirement benefit. Check out the Annual Returns, Rates and Adjustments page to see interest rates and annuity adjustments since 1986.

Additional Contributions e-Payment

Please keep in mind the following:

1. You must be an active member with a WRS employer to make additional contributions.
2. You will need your ETF Member ID.
3. US Bank will email you a receipt confirming your deposit.

Click on the link below to get started.




Note: The e-Payment site is administered by US Bank. No fees are charged for making payments or using the e-Payment site.  Any fees for returned payments or overdraft charges are the responsibility of the member. Payments received by 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) will be considered received for the current business day. Payments received after 8:00 p.m. CST will be considered for the next business day. On your bank statement, this payment shows up as “WRSETFAddl".


The amount of money that you can contribute each year (for both required and additional contributions) is set by Internal Revenue Service annual 415(c) contribution limits. You may not exceed the limit set for the year. See this year's limit in the Maximum Additional Contribution Worksheet (ET-2566) and the past three years in the IRS Benefits and Compensation Limitations (ET-8873) form. Please consult with your tax advisor if you have questions on how much can be contributed for a given year.