This WRS Retirement Benefits Calculator is a tool that can give you an unofficial estimate of your benefit as you plan for retirement. 6-12 months before you plan to apply for benefits, request an official estimate.   

  • You must be vested and at least age 55 as of your benefit begin date (or age 50 if you have earned -not purchased- WRS service in a protective occupation).  
  • Your benefit will be based on the higher of a “Money Purchase” or “Formula” calculation. This calculator is set up to estimate retirement benefits under both methods. It does not use information from your account. You must enter all the related information for it to provide your highest benefit estimate.   
  • Use information from your most recent annual Statement of Benefits. The accuracy of your online estimate depends on how closely the details you enter are to your final WRS account values once you apply.  There is no guarantee you will receive the amounts shown on these online estimates.

If any of the following circumstances apply to you, this calculator will not estimate your benefit correctly. Contact ETF to request an official estimate if you:   

  • Have an account that was divided because of divorce or separation. The estimate will be low. Exception: Members at normal retirement age with enough years of service for no age reduction may still receive an accurate estimate.
  • Have an Alternate Payee account (an account you received from someone else after a divorce or legal separation).
  • Retired and then went back to work for a WRS employer and are paying WRS contributions again.
  • Have earnings and a benefit that are above the IRS limits. This is not common, but this limit may affect your final benefit.
  • Left WRS employment before July 1, 1990.

For help using the calculator, view the How to Use ETF's Online Retirement Calculator video or use the Guide to Using Your Annual Statement of Benefits Data (ET-4500).