Employers participating in the Wisconsin Retirement System and/or ETF-administered insurance programs must name an agent (or agents) to administer WRS benefits. The agent is responsible for ongoing, yearly, and monthly tasks such as:

  • Determining WRS eligibility for your employees.
  • Reporting your employee’s contribution and earnings.
  • Timely reporting of your employee enrollments, terminations, and leaves of absence.
  • Distributing WRS information to your employees.
  • Responding to inquiries from ETF staff.
  • Other responsibilities listed in Chapter 2 of the WRS Administration Manual (ET- 1127).

In addition, each employer should have at least one user with access to the ETF Web Applications for Employers.

This page will help you:

  • Activate a new account.
  • Troubleshoot your existing account.
  • Navigate employer sections of the ETF website.
  • Complete the Online Access Security Agreement (ET-8928) form.
  • Complete the Designation of Agent (ET-1313) form.
If you work for a state agency, please follow your agency procedures for  password and logon assistance. This may include contacting your agency Help Desk or agency IAM Security Administrator.