When you leave state employment, your employer calculates your sick leave credits and certifies the amount to ETF. You will receive a letter from ETF that has your sick leave credit balance and health plan information. Please direct any questions regarding this calculation to your payroll representative.

How Credits Pay for Premiums

If eligible, you can use your unused sick leave credits to pay post-termination state group health insurance premiums for you, your spouse and/or dependents. Your premiums will automatically be paid from your sick leave credit account. When your sick leave credits run low, ETF will send you a letter and describe ways to keep your coverage. See the video Understanding Your Sick Leave Statement for more information about sick leave credit letters you will receive in the mail.

What Credits Can Not Do

Your credits can not:

  • Be cashed out
  • Earn interest
  • Pay for supplemental benefits
  • Pay for health insurance that is not part of the State Group Health Insurance Program
  • Transfer to another person (unless you pass away)
  • Be split into two accounts when you get divorced
  • Pay for Medicare Part B premiums

You can only use your sick leave credits to pay for health insurance premiums in the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. Credits cannot be cashed-out or otherwise converted to pay for other benefits. The use of sick leave credits for anything other than the payment of health insurance premiums would violate state law and make the credits subject to both state and federal taxation to you and other plan participants.