Review your beneficiaries and your needs regularly. Birth, death, marriage, and divorce are all common life situations that can change how you want your beneficiary designation structured. Update your beneficiary designation forms as a life change occurs. Choose the form that applies to you:

  1. Beneficiary Designation (ET-2320) – Allows you to name primary and secondary beneficiaries.
  2. Beneficiary Designation – Alternate (ET-2321) – Allows you to name primary and secondary with an alternate beneficiary for each.


Because the beneficiary designation is a legal document, it is essential that you complete it accurately and ensure it is legible. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when entering your information:

  • Please read the directions included with the form and follow the template provided for the scenario that best fits your circumstances.
  • ETF is the best place to get your questions answered about our beneficiary designation form.
  • Submit the original form to ETF. Once the form is approved by ETF, we will send you a confirmation letter. The form can be faxed, we do not have to have the original signed copy.
  • Sign and date the form.
  • Name only living persons as beneficiaries, unless you are naming a trust, your estate or an organization.
  • Do not name the same person or organization as both a primary and secondary beneficiary.
  • Do not use the word “or” when designating multiple beneficiaries.
  • Do not impose any conditions on payment. Your designation will be rejected.
  • Do not write in the margins of the form.
  • Do not make any changes to the form. Your designation will be rejected.
  • Do not name yourself as your beneficiary.
  • Do not number your beneficiaries.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Participants:  Please note that the WDC’s beneficiary designation is different than your WRS beneficiary designations; updating one never updates the other. You should be sure both are current. Contact the WDC at 1-877-457-9327 for more information or click WDC beneficiary designation to download a copy of the WDC beneficiary designation. ETF cannot answer questions about WDC beneficiary designations.