The GASB Statement No. 75 applies to local employers who participate in the Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program.

Each participating employer is responsible for understanding and meeting GASB 75 reporting requirements, “Accounting and Financial Reporting for Post-employment Benefits Other than Pensions,” including conducting actuarial valuations as necessary.

Employers have the information needed for actuarial valuation for their active employees. ETF will provide the data for retirees and COBRA participants annually to each local employer who participates in the WPE Group Health Insurance Program.

Employers have access year-round to retrieve rolling 3-years of reports. Going forward, new reports will be made available on January 2nd of each year. To access health insurance data for Local employer GASB 75 reporting employers should click on the link below:

Log in to myETFBenefits

  • Go to Reports tabs
  • Select employer in drop-down
  • Select Report year
  • Click on Search to View or click on Download Report to export

For More Information

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Please contact ETF at with questions about the information ETF is able to provide. Contact your accounting staff and/or auditors with questions regarding the applicability or implementation of GASB Statement No. 75.