Benefit Information

Income continuation insurance (ICI) is a voluntary income replacement program available to state employees and local participating employers. It can cover employees for short-term and long-term disabilities.

All employees must serve an elimination period before benefits become payable and the requirements are different based on whether you are a state, UW Faculty or local employee. Benefit amount is up to 75% of the average monthly earnings. The benefit ends when members are no longer disabled or reach age 65, whichever comes first.

ICI benefits will be reduced (offset) by income from other sources. ICI benefits will not duplicate benefits available from other WRS programs, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation or unemployment compensation.

Note: The Local ICI program is currently under a premium holiday. The premium holiday covers standard and supplemental coverage. Rates outlined in the Local Employers Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) (ET-2129) brochure were in effect prior to the premium holiday and are for illustration purposes only.

Income Continuation Insurance Administration Manuals

The Wisconsin Public Employers Income Continuation Insurance Administration Manual - Local (ET-1145) and the Income Continuation Insurance Administration Manual – State (ET-1119) is a reference source intended to aid your administration of and participation in the ICI Program. Its contents are based on state statute, administrative code, and ICI plan language and contain instruction relevant to the administrative and reporting practices of the ICI Program.

Consult this manual as a first-step resource when you encounter ICI Program-related questions or concerns. If questions remain, contact the Employer Communications Center at 1-877-533-5020 or ESS provides a single point of contact to resolve issues regarding eligibility, enrollment, coverage and invoicing for ETF benefit programs.

Income Continuation Insurance Employer Forms

Use the forms on this page to administer the Income Continuation Insurance program.

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