ETF Web Applications are used for employers to perform tasks for the administration of Wisconsin Retirement System Benefits. Use the ETF Web Applications login button under each task description to complete the task.

Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry

The Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry application allows employers to view historical information regarding their employees' WRS participation on-line. It assists in determining Insurance program eligibility, WRS Eligibility Status and calculating supplemental sick leave credits (state agencies only).

Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry Application

WRS Account Update

The WRS Account Update application provides employer with the ability to securely transmit account updates to ETF. The application includes WRS enrollments, descriptive data changes, and employee transactions.

WRS Account Update Application

WRS Contribution Remittance Entry

The WRS Contribution Remittance Entry Application allows employers to transmit WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Reports (ET-1515) to ETF and make payment through the banking ACH process. State employers have a deadline filing date of the 24th of each month. Local employers please see the due date grid for deadlines related to your remittance reporting.

WRS Contribution Remittance Entry Application

WRS Transaction Upload

The WRS Transaction Upload Application allows employers to upload and submit WRS reports to ETF.

WRS Transaction Upload Application

WRS Earnings Reports (On-going)

The WRS Earnings Reports (On-going) Application allows employers to view the WRS Transactions for open years. The application consists of eight reports including: Employee Transaction Detail, Remittance Reports By Month, Suspended Employee Transactions, Active Employee Listing Selection (Pre-List), Listing of Over/Under Entries, Listing Of Active Employees With No Reported Earnings, Earning/Contribution Reconciliation, Late Reported Earnings. See the Instructions for more information.

WRS Earnings Reports (On-going) Application

WRS Earnings Reconciliation Reports (Final)

The WRS Earnings Reconciliation Reports (Final) Application allows employers to view the WRS Annual Reconciliation Reports. The application consists of nine reports including: Employee Transaction Detail, Suspended Employee Transactions, Employer Contribution Summary, Remittance Reports By Month, Listing of Over/Under Entries, Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability Statement, Earning/Contribution Reconciliation, Contract Settlement, Late Reported Earnings. See the Instructions for more information.

WRS Earnings Reconciliation Reports Application