The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows participants and their eligible dependents covered under the State Group Health Program to continue or convert their health insurance coverage in the event that they lose eligibility under the program. Eligibility can be lost due to termination of employment, layoff, divorce, a dependent attaining age 26 and not being disabled, or death. 

COBRA/continuation requires that employees and their eligible dependents who lose coverage eligibility for one of these reasons be offered the opportunity to temporarily extend their coverage under the program for a maximum of 18 months due to termination or up to 36 months due to divorce, a dependent attaining age 26 and not being disabled, layoff, or death. Contact ETF if you have questions related to eligibility for COBRA/continuation and the duration of COBRA/continuation coverage.

Employer Manuals

The health insurance employer standards, guidelines, and administration manual is a reference source intended to aid your administration of and participation in the Wisconsin group health insurance program. Its contents are based on state statutes and administrative code. It includes group health contract language and instructions relevant to the administrative and reporting practices of the group health insurance program. Wisconsin statutes, administrative code, and group health contract language are reviewed on an ongoing basis and may be revised. The documents are updated regularly.

Consult the manuals as a first step when you encounter Group Health Insurance Program-related questions or concerns. If you have additional questions, contact the Employer Communications Center at 1-877-533-5020 or