To participate in the WRS or any of the group insurance programs, an employer must adopt a resolution. All resolutions must be certified and filed by the agent responsible for reporting to ETF; each program has specific requirements. Some require participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System and there are effective dates specific to each program.

Social Security

Information for employers about being covered by a Section 218 agreement and supplying Social Security Coverage for some or all of their employees.

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Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

The WRS is administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds and provides retirement , disability and death benefits, various insurance programs and a deferred compensation program to employees of the state of Wisconsin, school districts and participating local governments . All state agencies, including the University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, participate in the WRS. Many local units of the Wisconsin government currently participate in the WRS, with new employers joining each year. This means that about 90% of public employees in Wisconsin are covered by the WRS. Participation in the WRS is open to any public employer [Wis. Stat. § 40.02 (28)].

The required resolution and associated documentation must be received at ETF no later than November 15 of the year preceding the January 1 on which participation becomes effective.

Health Insurance

To be eligible to join the group health insurance program, an employer must already participate in the WRS or be covered by a Section 218 agreement with the Social Security Administration. A resolution for health insurance becomes effective the first of the fourth month following receipt of the resolution by ETF. To join, complete the Resolution for Inclusion Under Group Health Insurance (ET-1324) if a participant in the WRS, complete the How to Join the Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program For Non-WRS Employers (ET-1156) if under a Section 218 agreement.

Use the Existing Employer Option Selection Resolution (ET-1152) to change program options.

Uniform Dental Insurance

Employers that wish to offer the Uniform Dental Benefit must file an Existing Employer Option Selection Resolution WPE Health Insurance (ET-1152) with ETF to change program options. Program options that include dental are: P02, P04, P06, and P07.

ETF must receive a resolution to offer coverage or change their program option no later than October 1 for coverage to be effective the following January 1.

Life Insurance

Employers may join the group life insurance program if they participate in either the WRS or a private pension program. There is one resolution form with separate entries for each type of plan :

  • Basic Life Insurance (1 unit)
  • Supplemental Life Insurance (1 unit)
  • Additional Life Insurance (up to 3 units)
  • Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance (up to 2 units)

An employer may choose to offer only the Basic life insurance plan, all plans at once, or any combination of plans. The plans may be added later in any order, in any combination and at any time.

Each plan becomes effective the first of the fourth month following receipt of the resolution form by ETF.

Income Continuation Insurance (ICI)

To be eligible to join the Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) Program, an employer must already participate in the WRS. The resolution for ICI becomes effective the first of the month on or after 90 days following receipt by ETF.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program

The WDC Program is a powerful tool that may help participants reach their retirement goals by providing before tax and after-tax roth savings option. Offering this valuable benefit to your employees gives them a wide variety of investment options. These investment options are offered at no cost to employers and at a low cost to employees.

By clicking on the button link below, you can learn more about the WDC, how to become a participating employer and other benefits.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program