Actuarial Reports and Studies

A listing of actuarial reports evaluating WRS benefit programs. Also included on this page is a listing of three-year experience studies to determine if updates to actuarial assumptions are needed.

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Financial Reports and Statements

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report gives information about ETF, the Wisconsin Retirement System, and other benefit programs administered by ETF. This page includes a listing of the ACFRs and WRS Financial Statements.

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Comparative Study of Major Public Employee Retirement Systems

This report compares key features of major state and local public employee retirement systems in the United States. It compares retirement benefits for general employees and teachers. The report has been prepared typically every two years since 1982 by the Wisconsin Retirement Research Committee staff or the Legislative Council staff.

Legislative Council Comparative Study

Cost Effective Measurement Report

A report that compares existing pension performance and administration against other pension plans.

Cost Effective Measurement Report (CEM)

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Informational Paper on WRS

An informational paper about the WRS including its history, who it covers, administration and oversight, funding, benefits, and annuity adjustments.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Informational Paper on the WRS

Study of the Wisconsin Retirement System

A study of the structure of the Wisconsin Retirement System and benefits provided under the system in accordance with the 2011 Wisconsin Act 32.

Study of the Wisconsin Retirement System

Wisconsin Retirement System Early Retirements

This paper provides comparative information on rates of early retirement from the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). Historical and recent early retirement rates are provided for specific categories of employees (General, Public School, University, Executive & Elected Officials, and Protectives (note that these are actuarial, not statutory employment categories).

Wisconsin Retirement System Early Retirements