Division of Management Services

Director:  Steve Mueller

Responsible for human resources functions (staffing, classification, training, payroll, affirmative action, employment relations, employee assistance); facility management; information technology (application development, infrastructure and operations); data management and business intelligence; knowledge management; information security; contract administration; procurement; operating and biennial budget; mail and supplies and records management.

Matt Stohr

Division of Retirement Services

Director:  Matt Stohr

Responsible for customer service to employers and members.  Works with employers to receive and maintain the necessary data to determine each employee’s benefits, answers member questions about benefits through a Call Center, offers outreach, appointments and webinars to help members prepare for retirement and provides members with benefit estimates, applications, calculations and other information to help them with retirement, health insurance, disability and other benefits.  Puts people who retire on payroll and administers deductions.  Develops and implements the necessary policies, training and support for employers participating in the benefit programs.  Interprets state and federal legislation that impacts the programs we administer, which includes the Wisconsin Retirement System, the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program, disability programs, sick leave program and, in concert with OSHP, the health insurance program.

Cindy Klimke-Armatoski

Division of Trust Finance

Director:  Cindy Klimke-Armatoski

Responsible for the accounting and financial reporting of benefit program activity. This includes functions such as collection of contributions and insurance premiums, payment of insurance claims, disbursement of WRS benefit payments, maintenance of WRS member accounts, and generation of ETF’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Trust Finance staff also calculate the WRS effective rate and work with ETF’s consulting actuaries to set WRS contribution rates and annuity adjustments.

Eileen Mallow

Office of Strategic Health Policy

Director:  Eileen Mallow

Responsible for policy development and implementation of health, life, and long-term care insurance; develop member education materials on insurance plans; administers Medicare Supplemental policies, employee reimbursement account and commuter benefit programs.

Michelle Baxter

Office of Enterprise Initiatives

Director:  Michelle Baxter

Responsible for leading and organizing ETF’s efforts to transform business processes and systems to meet the ETF's strategic goals. The Office of Enterprise Initiatives focuses on making ETF a leader among large public employee benefit systems by following best practices leading to exceptional customer services for our members.

Yikchau Sze

Office of Internal Audit

Director:  Yikchau Sze

Responsible for planning and performing independent and objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve ETF operations. It helps ETF accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance process in ETF.

Mark Lamkins

Office of Communications

Director:  Mark Lamkins

Responsible for internal and external communications; public relations; strategic communications and marketing; forms and publications; website administration; social media; educational videos and presentations.

Diana Felsmann

Office of Legal Services

Director: Diana Felsmann

Responsible for legal services, opinions and analysis; responding to inquiries from members, attorneys and others; representing ETF in administrative appeals; federal regulation and compliance; responding to public records requests; drafting legislation and administrative rules; and ombudsperson services.

Steve Hurley

Office of Policy, Privacy & Compliance

Director:  Steve Hurley

Responsible for policy review and development; research and analysis of issues and proposed legislation; drafting of informational papers; responding to privacy incidents; providing guidance on data-sharing; and advising on compliance with federal regulations, including HIPAA Privacy. Assists with COOP Management.